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" I once knew this guy that I really really liked, but he did not like me back. He basically wanted nothing to do with me and that hurt me a lot. I never wanted to google his name to see how happy and successful he is with a wife and a great job. I just..didnt want to see how happy he was. Then, 17 years later, I decided, 'what the heck, I'll do it.' So I googled his name to find out: He was a successful screen writer for a popular show, got married..and then was convicted of murdering his wife and stuffing her into the attic of their house until she was partially mummified.


Guess it was a good thing we never hooked up.. "


Oh Margaret Cho.

friend before the show: "What if this isn't the actual Margaret Cho. What if it's like..Maragret Chuu..spells her name differently and ends up being some lady that comes out and sing folklore.." o__o
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