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okay. update

School started and i'm not on any adderall.
can someone PLEASE give me a prescription?
what do they expect me to do, make a meth factory out of my home?
when I say I'm having trouble in something and I need means...I NEED HELP

I've been very irritable lately.


I went to an MSI show friday. [and we all know how happy i'd be if there was one every week.]
I felt it to be a good stress relief. I'm still sore from this day, though.
We got stuck in Richmond for awhile after the show, but it was interesting.


makes me happy

Anywho. I stopped pyschotherapy. I need to look for an actual pyschIATRIST. not pyschologist.
ugh. I hate searching.
AND-it's a little hard to try and solve a problem..when you don't know what the cause is.
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