gangster! (star_revolution) wrote,

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we will die from gridlock

So, I have realized [I'm so slooow at realizing shit] that 99% of people who live in the metropolitan area are

1. rude
2. fake
3. assholes
4. close-minded
5. ignorant
6. im repeating myself
7. speed fiends
8. users
9. shiesty
10. deadbeats

It is honestly quite true. If you do not believe me, think about it. Think of how many people you have came across that share many of these traits and fall into these categories.
(I really cant think/type while listening to music... O_o )

Either that or I get stuck dealing with fucktards like these. >_< It is quite annoying.
There's no one here I'm compatible with. [friend wise, etc] Time to move on.
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