gangster! (star_revolution) wrote,

stuck in america

'Today, I changed
It's too late
Cause everyone stayed the same
I'm gone, so long
Break out, cause I'm better off on my own'

Recently things have been reminding me of how good things use to be. Remember pool parties? Going to shows all summer long? Supporting your friends band? Aimlessly driving around? Meeting new people through your friends? Walking around the town? Drawing pictures on the streets and sidewalks? Chillin in parking lots? Oh don't deny it. You know shit was fun.

I feel like everyone knows that things will never be the same as that/those one or two years.

I've also realized that I can say I've had some good times in this town. Which is weird to say, but it's true. I'm trying really hard not to put some cliche quote in here. hah

It's quite sad. Goodbyeee goood tiiimes
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